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[26-06-2015] Press release - Banking Study 2015

  • Independent Credit View AG (I-CV) the Swiss-based credit research boutique analysing and monitoring since 2007 the credit quality of global financial institutions.
  • The latest study entitled „Banks secured, creditors insecured“ comprises of 32 European banks and aims to supports both bond investors and risk managers with an independent assessment of opportunities and risks.
  • For many banks the situation is getting more critical. The question, how can the capital gaps be closed, remains at the forefront. Has the traditional banking model become redundant? Do banks need to reinvent themselves or will there be a wave of consolidation in the market?
  • The I-CV banking study in 2015 analyses how bank balance sheets, earning capacity, impaired loans and capital have developed I-CV conducts proprietary stress tests, and shows how incoming regulatory requirements impact bank balance sheets and what the implications for bondholders are.

[20-05-2015] I-CV publish the results of a comprehensive study into the credit quality of Swiss utilities

  • In the study entitled „Between Hope and Fear“ Independent Credit View AG (I-CV) analyses in sector review, selected Swiss utilities.
  • Based on a data base with comprehensive production cost data I-CV tested the intrinsic value of each utility and compared the specific cost structures. Thereby I-CV was able to uncover surprising differences in the economic efficiency between the plants.
  • The European power sector is currently facing a difficult market environment. An abundancy of electricity from selectively subsidized generation types leads to price pressure and market distortions. A comparison with European peers reveals that most Swiss utilities have fallen behind in many aspects.
  • The vertically integrated BKW is positioned best to succeed in the changing market. Whereas the study paints a less optimistic picture for Repower and Alpiq.